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American Classic Thoroughbreds LLC was established in 2004. Our purpose is to breed and raise horses for competition or commercial purposes. We also secure racing partnerships, allowing individuals the experience of owning a horse without the hard work.

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for an affordable option to be involved in horse racing, then let us help you. We can assist you in purchasing a racehorse for yourself. You may also become one of our racing partners should full ownership be out of your scope.

Meet Our Owner

Getting Involved in Horseracing

Jack Stanieri’s racing background started when he was 14 years old. He used to go to races with his Uncle Carmen on Friday or Saturday nights at Pocono Downs Race Track, which featured standardbred horses. The two of them would place a few small bets on every race for fun, and they would luckily win from time to time.

While standardbreds offered some entertainment, Jack was passionate about Thoroughbred horses because of the excitement during races. He was involved in his first racing partnership for Thoroughbreds with a filly named Grammy Hall in 1988. However, she never made it to a race due to an injury sustained in training.

It was in 1989 that Jack attended the Kentucky Derby for the first time, and he also became a spectator of the Preakness and Belmont Stakes that same year. All three races are collectively known today as the Triple Crown. Jack and his friends made it a tradition to watch the Preakness and Belmont Stakes for many years.

`Rekindling His Passion for Thoroughbred Racing

When 2003 rolled around, Jack met his second wife, Sara. It was also the year that he decided to once again dabble in Thoroughbred racing. He secured a racing partnership for a Thoroughbred that captured his interest named Funny Cide. However, the horse never made it to the races after being injured.

Jack thought to himself that if people could delve into racing and fail, then maybe he had a chance to follow their path and succeed. That idea led him to start his own Thoroughbred breeding enterprise.

2004 was a great year for Thoroughbred racing. A little-known three-year-old colt named Smarty Jones, bred and raised in Pennsylvania, was about to make history after winning the first two legs of the Triple Crown. The state also legalized casino gambling that year which raised the purses of local horse race events.

Running a Thriving Business

As the owner of American Classic Thoroughbreds LLC, Jack’s main objective was to raise Pennsylvania-bred racehorses that could be put into racing partnerships. Individuals may purchase racing shares on his horses and become co-owners. This is a fun but inexpensive way to secure partial ownership of a Thoroughbred.

As it turned out, Jack sold stakes on a filly he bred and raised, Feliciti Dancer, and she went on to win races for him and his partners. To this day, Feliciti Dancer is in Jack’s possession. The mare is now a proud mother to Tiz Dancer and Feliciti Victoria, both of which will be starting their racing careers this year. Hopefully they will run and win for American Classic Thoroughbreds LLC and its racing partners.

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